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You Could Have Been A Contender

By adamhill
Written June 08, 2012
I wanted to like this movie. I really, did. But mainly I laughed at the terrible acting and plot. We didn't even get the alarm sound. I fear for the Blade Runner movie. So sad.
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Dumber and Dumber Crew

By ny2292000
Written June 09, 2012
Every movie is an ode to the rough neck, idiotic type... even when the characters have a talent, they have to have a handicap of some sort (e.g. Monk on TV). This humanize the character, make them more relatable. In science fiction this is also true. Rough necks saved the planet on Armagedon, were eaten at Alien. etc.. This time, the crew is horrendously stupid... here if you go to Mexico, you are advised not to drink the water..:) in this alien planet, they just acts stupid to the limit... Controlling my distaste not to give away the plot..If you like seem stupid people on the big screen doing stupid things go to watch this movie.
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Poor story and lack of characterization dooms movie with amazing visuals.

By Kfd2010
Written June 10, 2012
I want to start off saying that I did not see Prometheus because of it's relationship to Alien. I have seen Alien and enjoyed it, but I was seeing Prometheus as a stand alone film in the same universe. The movie, about a group of scientists looking for the creators of humans land on a planet and find something... or not. I don't know. The story was very convoluted and even at the end my friends and I left the theater not knowing why certain things happened or what we were supposed to take away. The story did not flow and things just seemed to randomly happen. The characters were poorly developed and we came away having no attachment to any of them. Even the main character was saddled with a brief back story that seemed more forced than part of the movie. When you don't care who lives or dies, there's an issue. The visuals were stunning, as expected. The effects and scenery were stunning. It was just a shame there wasn't a good story or characters to go with it.
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Hated it!

By janiam
Written June 19, 2012
If you're not a sci-fi lover, don't waste your time. My husband loved it and I hated it. I should have known better. Lots of gooey gunk and ridiculous monsters - monsters sort of like the old "Tremors" movie, but on steroids. In my opinion, just plain stupid.
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By richburjr
Written June 10, 2012
I went in to see the movie with no expectations. As such the movie is rich in visuals, a little light on meaningful dialog, moved a little fast so as not to let the plot fully develop, but was none the less satisfying.
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