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Great film. Don't go expecting 'Alien'

By cootersbox
Written June 08, 2012
This movie is great. Anyone going into it expecting anything to do with 'Alien' & 'Aliens' will obviously dislike it. The film is an un-official prequel. Pre-quels do not cover what you already know. Just as the film preview says, it's about beginnings, the unknown.
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Bad Beyond any expectation

By jtishler1
Written June 08, 2012
A string of terrible sci-fi cliches and silly imagery I was fooled into not expecting from an over the hill Ridley Scott by clever marketing. Oh well. It's rare an ad campaign gets the better of me, but playing off my love of Alien and desire for Scott to be good again was very effective. Please stay away if you have any affection for Alien or like interesting science fiction.
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If you get a free ticket give it to someone you don't like!

By KennX
Written June 08, 2012
Wow. This was a horribly written movie. The scientists were all incredibly stupid. This is the Highlander 2 of Alien films. The acting was not good. Only two characters (the Pilot and the Android) were in any way interesting. It was NOT scary, suspenseful or funny. It WAS long, boring and very predictable. Filled with cliches that might have worked in the 1970's but barely then.
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not one like-able character in the whole movie

By juan162
Written June 08, 2012
so sad- I wanted to like this and was so excited to go see it- but every single character was so annoying. Who cares if they all die?- not me.
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I'll take the Aliens movies instead!

By Rodhea
Written June 09, 2012
Not much impressive about this movie. I much prefer the alien movies instead. It lacked any real drama until towards the end of the movie. There were some scenes toward the end reminiscent of the Alien movies. Was this supposed to be a pre-quel? Nothing special here folks - save your money and watch it on DVD or online later.
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