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By andabottleofrum66
Written June 10, 2012
What i liked: The movie concept was amazing. I enjoyed our "creators," good graphics and, as always, good actors always help. Excellent beginning, very poor end. Why i rated "NO": The sequence of events made little sense. This is difficult to explain without a spoiler so suffice it to say: The provided information was cursory at best, it didn't explain how events transpired. What dropped me from a "so-so" movie to a "No" movie was how poorly it connected to the classic sci-fi Alien series after advertising that connection.
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By misterjhb
Written June 11, 2012
This movie had so much potential but landed flat on its face. With the cast of actors, I thought it would be a good movie. So many things are disappointing in this movie. The opening scene has nothing to do with movie, it leaves you thinking it will have an impact into the doesn't. Not to spoil the movie, but so many holes were never filled in this film. I get the premise of what was going on, but the movie would've been much better if they explained why. My fiancee rarely says a movie wasn't good, and can justify anything being added to a movie....she just walked out of this one shaking her head. It feels very much like the movie Alien, but everything in Alien made sense. I waited the whole movie thinking they would bring it home... it never happened. This movie sucked!!!!!
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disappointed viewer

By moose615
Written June 08, 2012
This movie had potential but fell short of expectation for me.. what started out as a fresh plot was soon overshadowed by this Hollywood run of the mill cookie cutter production. The predictability and similarities to other scifi movies was not appreciated.
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Great Science Fiction, Period.

By bosc071
Written June 14, 2012
Outstanding story line for those with a working brain. It was well acted and the special effects were very good. Ridley Scott did a super job of connecting a good storyline with good actors and a decent ending. The ending leaves it open for more sequels and gives a sideways branch of a storyline to the old Alien movies. If you think about that the original aliens were nothing more than a biological weapon that got out of the lab so to speak. I thought it was brilliant to make (spoiler alert) the reference to them at the end. That being said, the movie was classic sci-fi all the way. In any sci-fi movie that I have ever seen there is always someone that don't follow the rules and gets people in trouble. No different here for those folks that comment about how dumb these folks are. The important characters are defined as the movie progresses so no need to dig into their pasts. Also, this is just the beginning of more to come from Ridley Scott. Just enjoy!
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Could have been a masterpiece.

By augster3
Written June 10, 2012
The idea of Ridley Scott returning to sci-fi was one of the various reasons I was so looking forward to 'Prometheus' since it was announced. It's not just his return to sci-fi that had me in anticipation, but his return to the 'Alien' universe he had helped to create. Scott had said time and time again that this film wasn't a prequel to 'Alien', but had the DNA from it. I'm here to tell you that it is very much a prequel to that film, with references sprinkled here and there. I'm also here to tell you that it was a pretty mediocre film. Most of the blame has to be put on 'Lost' writer Damon Lindelof, who treats this script as if it were a pilot episode to a Sy-Fy Channel original. For a group of so-called scientists/explorers they sure do make a lot of stupid/fatal mistakes.I’d say that the only characters we care about are Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and (ironically enough)the android David played superbly well by Michael Fassbender. Scott's visuals were mesmerizing. 6.5/10
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