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Eh, could have been worse...

By acpouget
Written June 12, 2012
Visually stunning as advertised, but the plot is weak and the characters all supposedly the best and brightest scientists of their time and respective fields seem to have a few too many "Hey! An alien! Let's poke it with a stick!" type of moments. Scott tries to set up Alien, but seems to be trying to hard to link the films in a coherent fashion but winds up with a dicey plot and a bunch of special effects. The main protagonist does get a few Ripley-like moments, but other then that I was rooting for everyone to die. I'd wait for dvd for this one just so I could make fun of it from the comfort of my own living room.
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Great movie, science was a little weak.

By matthewmhewitt
Written June 25, 2012
I really liked the movie but being in science myself, I thought that the science in the movie was a little weak, I am looking forward to the sequel though, if there is one.
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Not worth watching

By princy
Written June 14, 2012
I was so excited to watch this movie after looking at the trailer. I kept waiting for the BOOM moment for the movie to take an exciting turn. But NADA.... not worth spending money on. Was truly boring. Graphics & effects were really nice... but other than that..nothing in the movie
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Smart movie

By leer4life
Written June 09, 2012
It helps to be a fan of Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise but this is a stand alone movie arc. It explains some questions of origins from Alien but it can definitely move off into it's own realm. It's more cerebral than an action... some friends thought it slow. But I was definitely satisfied... great cinematography, set design, acting (minor cliches), and CGI/SFX. Good movie.
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spoiler - but see it anyway

By ryansebrasky
Written June 09, 2012
Why, Ridley Scott in the last few moments of the movie, takes a big steamy **** on 30 years of alien beyond this persons comprehension. The movie was brilliant up until the end. Ridley scott was proving that his twenty year absence from this genre was overdue. Frankly he was impressive for 110 minutes then in the end he slams on the brakes while giving us alien fans a big ugly middle figure. Only a sequel will clean up this movie lore faux pas.
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