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Could have been a masterpiece.

By augster3
Written June 10, 2012
The idea of Ridley Scott returning to sci-fi was one of the various reasons I was so looking forward to 'Prometheus' since it was announced. It's not just his return to sci-fi that had me in anticipation, but his return to the 'Alien' universe he had helped to create. Scott had said time and time again that this film wasn't a prequel to 'Alien', but had the DNA from it. I'm here to tell you that it is very much a prequel to that film, with references sprinkled here and there. I'm also here to tell you that it was a pretty mediocre film. Most of the blame has to be put on 'Lost' writer Damon Lindelof, who treats this script as if it were a pilot episode to a Sy-Fy Channel original. For a group of so-called scientists/explorers they sure do make a lot of stupid/fatal mistakes.I’d say that the only characters we care about are Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and (ironically enough)the android David played superbly well by Michael Fassbender. Scott's visuals were mesmerizing. 6.5/10
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A thougtfull film from a great artist

By Spartacus2000
Written June 08, 2012
Prometheus is a captivating experience unlike Alien which was meant to strike fear into viewers, its creator plays a wonderful plot to the tune of playing God and its ramifications. The entire plot is rapt into wonderful thoughtful sets with wonderful script and great CGI. A must see, from a satisfied post film viewer.
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Thought it would be a lot better.

By lonelygirl510
Written June 10, 2012
It got such great reviews from critics (Ebert imparticular) that I decided to go see it on the 2nd day it was out.. I usually wait a few weeks. I was pretty disappointed in it.. It was "okay" and I might have finished watching it on DVD or Netflix if I had been watching it (at a later date of course). Since I paid full-price of course I HAD to finish watching it and I'm sorry, but it was lost on me. Some nice scenery but nothing really caught me as "wow that was great". It was definitely mediocre in my opinion. Maybe a tad under mediocre as I didn't even care about any of the characters ---they were all dull. I wish I had seen something else.
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Prometheus - A must see for long time Alien / Predator fans

By jjbulkin33
Written June 11, 2012
Sums up many unanswered questions about the beginning of the alien franchise! Had a good story line, hopefully they continue the story with another follow up and see what happens to the girl that took off in the other ship.
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By DANG58goer
Written July 09, 2012
Tried to hang in there past 40 minutes, but ended up walking out. We wonder if Charlize Theron is trying to become the new "Sigourney Weaver" of Sci Fi. The movie just did not connect the sub-plots or for that matter, the plot at all. The character and story building was very weak. Dumb and a waste of time.
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