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Beautiful, but a complete mess

By Reinenox
Written June 08, 2012
I wanted to love this movie so much, and have been waiting eagerly for it, but wow, what a disappointment. I'll say first the visuals are fantastic and the actors do a really good job with what they have. But the story is all over the place, the script is dreadful, and half of it, especially the second half, just makes no sense. Some people won't care and will just say "ooh, shiny picture". But this was so disappointing because I know how good Scott can be. He needs new writers. I didn't find it too scary, but I wouldn't bring kids to it. The pacing is quite slow and they'll be bored.
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The scifi film of the decade?

By Particleshock
Written June 08, 2012
The art direction was incredible. Prometheus is visually stunning. takes the 'Alien' universe in a while new direction. The 3D was well done, nice sense of depth with no gimmick objects flying out at you. go see it.
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2nd-rate Alien

By tyr333
Written June 08, 2012
If you're a fan of Ridley Scott, go rewatch Alien. For all it's pretty sets and cg, Prometheus doesn't stand on it's on feet and only serves to remind us how great a director he once was.
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Best Alien Production, yet surprisingly less horrific

By drjazzguy
Written June 06, 2015
This is one of the most visually stunning and sonically beauty sci-fi film ever offered. But aliens popping out of chests we've seen before and perhaps that level of familiarity makes the first of the series, paradoxically, where actually seeing less detail amplifies the horror. In many ways, the film predictable storyline and the character detail, the part that actually makes a film less like a cartoon and more like a life one can identify with, is somewhat lacking. The directors of these sci-fi colossal projects need to realize that an audience being able to identify with the characters matters most! Fireworks are fireworks. They explode and each subsequent display has to surpass the last in order to enthrall, but the experience is ephemeral. When a fictional character is going through a conflict we can identify with, they are working on solutions to dilemmas we face.. This is the movies soul, whether in the past or future. Too little is known of the characters to be invested.
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sci fantastic

By Samhain13
Written March 07, 2015
Must see for sci fi fans of the alien franchise films. Enlightens unknows from previous films but adds a completely new story line that is just as exciting!
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