Prom Synopsis
Intersecting stories unfold as high-school seniors prepare for their prom.
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By edge93
The only reason I went to this movie was because I was ditching my senior prom with a friend and we thought it was a cool idea to go to Prom on prom night. The movie was predictable and the plot was...


By movielvr917
Okay, so I was a little apprehensive about going to see a Disney movie about a more teenage topic, but the movie was actually pretty good. The different story lines are easy to follow, and the jokes...

Better than expected

By brookrose
As the mother of an 8 year old girl - I was a little apprehensive about going to see 'Prom'. I didn't know if it was age appropriate or if I even wanted to start the prom hype this early. After...

Perfect Hand-holder For The Bubble Gum Set

By Al P
This one's so squeaky clean one would think it was made by the PC police. Oh, right, IT WAS! Virtually impossible to find anything anyone could object to in this film other than the fact that...

We Want More Movies Like This!

By ginahaun
So happy with Disney for making a clean, age appropriate movie. I'm a 42-yr. old mom who enjoyed it almost as much as her 14-yr. old daughter! The different story lines made for a very interesting...

By taylormtom

Fun and cute movie

By ShirlMcPh
"Prom" was an easy going, entertaining movie for kids, teenagers and adults. It had a variety of story lines with different teens facing different reasons for having or not having a date for prom. ...

heart warming!

By nattanael
a must see with the family! i went with my sister and i'm not ashamed to say i shed a tear every now and then from all the happiness....


By abs624
This is a PG romantic comedy. It's predictable, but frothy fun....


By lsimonds
Very predictiable....

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Rated PG | For Mild language and a brief fight
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Unrealistic prom flick is bland for teens, fine for tweens.
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