Project Itoh – The Empire of Corpses Synopsis
One of the top anime films is on its way to the big screen. Possesing an animation produced by the studio behind Attack on Titan, The Empire of Corpses will impress movie-goers with its globetrotting adventure in a zombie-powered steampunk world.
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Movie Reviews

By taetaedoll

Stunning visuals and story line

By nalanimoore
This was an amazing movie! The artwork was beautiful, the music score was perfect, and the English voice actors did this movie justice. The story line is a mixture of classic literature, with a dash...

The empire of corpses with Team Heroe's

By Joe-shmoe MovieMan
This movie is awesome and amazing films I can wait to see I love anime and animation movies I love it...

Absolutely Amazing!

I have been a HUGE anime fan for a long time now.I was even able to see Spriggan on the big screen a long time ago; that should help put the time frame into perspective for you. As big a fan as I am,...