Pure Teen Flick...

By JoseG
Written March 06, 2012
KRAAAAAAZY energy, funny moments...yet the movie will appeal far more to teens than anyone else. I expected this to be wittier - too much toilet humor. I would wait for DVD...
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project X

By toxic-snipe
Written March 06, 2012
Keep in mind I'm a 56 year old woman. Mother of a 15 year old girl, who was dying to see it. So i went to see it with her. It was really funny. Totally inappropriate but hilarious. I felt the pain when the house went up. I was terrific.
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Every High School Kid's Dream Party!!!

By alkro597
Written March 06, 2012
I walked into the movie 20 minutes late, just as the party started(PERFECT TIMING). It was a great movie had some beautiful girls in it, fireworks, explosions, music, partying, more partying and much more. Just an awesome overall movie that was worth my $11.50. Not going to lie though I felt terrible at the end of the movie after you see the aftermath(see for yourself). Great movie, go see ASAP!
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Ultimate Party Movie

By rev_mumbles
Written March 05, 2012
This movie shows what the most insane high school party that most of us would have loved to have gone to just to say that we did. It is not for the faint of stomach as it is all handheld "documentary" style. The sound track is great, and overall it was fun to watch. Also be warned there is a ton of nudity.
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Great film

By frawgster
Written March 05, 2012
Having read mixed reviews, I was leery about watching this. I'm glad I did, though. The movie is great, mindless, pointless, insane, fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Those people going into this movie hoping to find a solid plot, great acting, a great script, or some meaningful story, lesson, or finale...look elsewhere. This movie is, quite simply, fun. It's hilarious from start to finish, and pointless from start to finish. But that's the point...it's a movie about an insane high school party. It's supposed to be pointless. It's supposed to be vulgar. It's supposed to be over the top. Those of you looking for countless, simple laugh out loud moments, coupled with one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while, go. Those of you looking for substance, skip this one and move on to the next
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