Prisoners Synopsis
A desperate father takes the law into his own hands after police fail to find two kidnapped girls.
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By MedRed
With Amanda Berry fresh on everyone's mind, Prisoners couldn't be more relevant. Prisoners takes us into a parent's worst nightmare. This sinister story weaves a tangled web that requires you to pay...

Extremely Dark

By osoquik
If you enjoy extremely dark movies with little to no plot and not one character to root for, you'll love this film. Can't believe the actors thought this was a good script. Make your own decision,...

Psychological thriller worthy of Hitchcock

By NancyGuild
An absolute stunner--one of the best movies of this genre in years. The script is tight, clever, and the characters complex and vivid. The action is thrilling without being manipulative or...

One of the Best films of the year, a MUST SEE!

By LeMovieFreak
“Prisoners” is one of the most intense films I have ever seen in a theater, and even with its two and a half hour running time, you are kept on the edge of your seat for every moment. The script,...

We are prisoners of our own nature

By chiefpd7
A movie of Hitchcock proportions. In a suspenseful way the movie brings the message that we are prisoners of our own dark nature. The question the movie asks is, "What would it take for each of us...


By onthegographics
This movie looked great on previews, just to sit thru almost 3hrs. and i guess the budget for this movie ran out and couldn't afford an ending scene, as if they could make a sequel to the plot. Sorry...


By mhaskel3
This movie is consuming. Shows the astonishing depths people will resort to when feeling powerless and frustrated in the face of tragedy. The plot twists were surprising and I kept having...

Academy Awards Contender

By Marco J
Prisoners was good entertainment, the story was amazing. The drama, suspence and thrills were very good. This movie is a must see for movie goers. The acting from all the actors and directing was...

Great movie that you must see!

By thinze2
This movie was so intense that it kept you focused the whole time without any lulls. Even the ending had you saying. "What? Why?" Everyone left the movie without talking, because they hadn't had a...


I think this not for everyone , some of my friends don't like scary movies and I thought this was a thriller . the acting was very good but very violent ! alot of people with children or grand...

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Rated R | For Language Throughout, Disturbing Violent Content and Torture
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Common Sense Media says Engrossing revenge thriller is very violent and intense.
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