Good popcorn movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Written May 26, 2010
Take a live-action Aladdin, mix in some Indiana Jones and add a dash of chemistry between the two attractive leads and you've got a simple but enjoyable summer action/adventure flick. Jake Gyllenhaal's British accent is annoying but I'm sure the female viewers didn't even notice it. Alfred Molina has a small role as an unsavory entrepreneur and is marvelous, with dialog so clever and funny that you wonder if he was given a different screen writer than whoever wrote the rest of the mundane script. The biggest surprise was the strong and unsubtle political message that the U.S. should never have invaded Iraq. Indeed, the movie goes to great lengths to humanize and praise Persians, a group that has fared badly in recent movies like 300. But whatever your politics, this movie should make for a fun 2 hour escape from the real world.
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The Video Game

By Marland Heart
Written March 24, 2009
Prince Of Pershia is the video game I want to see this so bad I can't wait
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

By moviegirlinpdx
Written May 26, 2010
Great flick with a cast that shares good chemistry, humor, and action-packed adventure to kick off the summer movie season. Right down to the wicked secret family enemy, this film kept my attention for reasons other than the story line with a cast of great looking guys and one very beautiful lead actress (Gemma Arterton) whom I have not had the pleasure of seeing before. The entrepreneur / average every day persian was played by Alfred Molina and stole the show more than once, including his racing ostriches...
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Prince of Persia Movie Review

By vaanan_kannan
Written May 31, 2010
Captain Jack Sparrow...You are indeed irreplaceable! Prince of Persia, a potential candidate by Disney to mimic the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, is an enjoyable watch, but simply nowhere near Pirates class. Wall running, Ledge hopping, Sword Fights, stunning acrobatics and a few epic, large scale scenes, oh and not to forget the 'sands of time' scenes (though there should have been more of those...Prince Dastan barely uses/is in possession of the dagger for a large part of the movie), all stay largely true to the Prince of Persia, but at the end of it all, it could have been SO much more.There was still a little something missing...Something that would take Prince of Persia from the entertaining good (in some places, even better), to the simply great platform that Pirates of the Caribbean stands on. Prince Dastan can never be a Captain Jack Sparrow, and the Prince ends up as just another mildly entertaining watch.
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Tell Me

By Habituated Cry
Written June 22, 2008
What's On Your Mind
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