Primeval Synopsis
A news team travels to Africa to find an inhuman killer rumored to have claimed hundreds of lives.
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Primeval - not what you would expect

By kevster43
Reminiceint of Ghost and the Darkness, quite well done....


By lf39mnaxx
looked like it was going to be a slasher film. turns out to be a croc film. a poorly made croc film. Lake Placid spin off. If you really want to see it wait until you can rent it....


By cactusjoe
Terrible waste of money and time. Misleading trailer. Just another gory alligator eats people movie. I want my money back....


By kboxvegas
this movie wasn't scary, but it was really intense. Orlando Jones was hilarious. a lot of people may not have liked this movie but i loved it....


By Mr_Snacks
I think I laughed through a good portion of this movie, otherwise I was looking aimlessly around the theatre. Netflix it if you REALLY REALLY need to see it....

Impossibly bad

By wr3ck
Honestly, it's not even worth downloading from internet. Don't waste your bandwidth... Don't even get the torrent. I have strong desires to sue the movie theatre for making me waste my money....

Great Script/ Cast

By araj
Its the true story about the African Serial Killer named Little Gustave.... all o the which is foreshadowed by the enormous croc Gustave. Now i did some research and this is a factual story that will...


By ronniesplace
possible worst movie ever made, next to grave dancers.......

If youre looking for a good horror/thriller, DON'T SEE THIS ONE!

By bwells8
okay... so after watching the prewiew several times and reading the synopsis.... this movie is NOTHING like that."..a serial killer has claimed over 300 victims, and is still at...


By Blast
This movie sucked biggg time! I suffered through it for 30 min  then got my money back . Lke placid  smoked this movie at least they had some good funny actors in that movie and some choice...

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Rated R | For strong graphic violence, brutality, terror, and language
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Common Sense Media says Grisly croc tale lacks any meaningful bite.
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