Meryl & Uma are PRIME for Intelligent, Witty RomCom

By lugubriousthespian
Written March 21, 2009
This romantic comedy has all the essential ingredients for a very mildly entertaining film, but fortunately our headlining duo of Streep and Thurman add much more to the bubbly broth of a story concerning a 37 year old, recently divorced career woman inadvertently becoming involved with her therapist's 23 year old slacker, artist son. It is an absolute joy to watch Meryl slowly discovering the truth and attempting to cope with the ethical/personal ramifications as Thurman wholly embodies a woman so intrigued with the idea of falling in love but not fully comprehending all the pitfalls of her decisions. The location photography in NYC is superlative as is the tight direction and diverting screenplay that is alternately touching and at times very very funny in a very knowing way! A true sleeper of a film!!
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