Priest Pretty Production

By Argonaut
Written May 13, 2011
Yet another graphic-novel-to-screen-adaptation I wasn't familiar with, but this one brought the neophite up to speed real fast. Great little story, interesting characters, and a beautifully-filmed CGI-Live production. It had the feel of a futuristic-vampire-western-Bladerunner. I know, it sounds crazy, but it was actually pretty good. Just save your money and skip the 3D version, if you can.
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Excellent Vampire Movie

By Beckmeister
Written May 15, 2011
This is a great vampire movie that doesn't waste a lot of movie time with background stories. It has the bare minimum to maximize time for great effects and lots of action. Lot's of fast paced thrills and has a complete story though it appears a sequel may follow.
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By irishmike28
Written June 02, 2011
I have liked Paul Bettany ever since I first saw him in "A knights tale". This movie has the potential to launch him into a career of action movies. It appears to be very well done with great special effects. Can't wait to see it.
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Not as good as we expected.

Written May 13, 2011
Saw this movie today & must confess we were disappointed in the scare effects. Thought with the 3-D glasses things would really jump out at you but they didn't. The "Underworld" movies had better vampires. The plot was good but it was a waste of Kurt Urban's talents. We wanted to be on the edge of our seats but it never happened. Even the train fight wasn't action packed - just punches & kicks delivered and the usual flying back. As other have said- good with out the 3D glasses & cheaper. I won't look for this as a DVD to buy. Not worth seeing again.
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By ausdougmac
Written May 14, 2011
i just have to say AMAZING movie... LOVED LOVED LOVED IT... cant wait to see the next one.. let hope they pulled a back to the future on us and already made the second movie...
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