Priest 3D Synopsis
A warrior priest (Paul Bettany) sets out to save his niece from a pack of murderous vampires.

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By S.T. Vanairsdale
To Stewart and screenwriter Cory Goodman's credit, the whole set up takes about 10 minutes flat, leaving Priest's remaining 77 minutes to...
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Boxoffice Magazine

In an era where monster mythology has become raw material for all sorts of mediocrity, Priest is one of the best examples of a broad-scale...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
It appears that turning the John Ford/John Wayne classic "The Searchers" into the church-vs-vampire adventure Priest was not an altogether...
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Boston Globe

By Mark Feeney
Priest is based on a series of Korean graphic novels. What it's really based on, though, is other movies - a whole lot of other movies.
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Chicago Reader

By J.R. Jones
This is mildly entertaining for its cheery sacrilege (crucifixes that turn into throwing stars, etc), but once the premise has been rolled...
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By Leslie Felperin
Not exactly an unholy mess, but still a rather too pious retread of classic sci-fi/action/horror riffs that lacks originality or pizzazz.
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Entertainment Weekly

Its B-movie sins are many, worst among them an icy hero and a plot that feels like it was built from relics of other, better films.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
Bettany exudes an intensity that lays the groundwork for an interesting character, but Priest hasn't a prayer of creating anything more...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Ray Bennett
A short, dour and stodgy creature feature with average 3D effects that draws on so many film influences from westerns, action adventures...
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
A mad mash-up of sci-fi, Western, sacrilegious silliness and vampire movie. What lifts it to "I've seen worse" status is the previous...
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Priest Pretty Production

By Argonaut
Yet another graphic-novel-to-screen-adaptation I wasn't familiar with, but this one brought the neophite up to speed real fast. Great little story, interesting characters, and a beautifully-filmed...

Excellent Vampire Movie

By Beckmeister
This is a great vampire movie that doesn't waste a lot of movie time with background stories. It has the bare minimum to maximize time for great effects and lots of action. Lot's of fast paced...


By irishmike28
I have liked Paul Bettany ever since I first saw him in "A knights tale". This movie has the potential to launch him into a career of action movies. It appears to be very well done with great special...

Not as good as we expected.

Saw this movie today & must confess we were disappointed in the scare effects. Thought with the 3-D glasses things would really jump out at you but they didn't. The "Underworld" movies had better...


By ausdougmac
i just have to say AMAZING movie... LOVED LOVED LOVED IT... cant wait to see the next one.. let hope they pulled a back to the future on us and already made the second movie......

I liked Priest

By Nightscream452
For someone that didn't know the origin of the story (the manga), it was a pretty good action flick. I could have used some more back story, but for some mindless entertainment, this is the movie...


By sebb33
Another disappointment in movies too much emphasis on a sequel than the present quality of the movie I went but was not satisfied by implied battles and in 3-D regardless waiting for final battle and...

Disappointing: Priest (in 3D)

I was looking forward to seeing Priest (in 3D) because I liked the premise -- priests vs. vampires....hmmm....what could go wrong? Apparently plenty. The plot was not cohesive and there definitely...

Priest 3D

By mii2
My son (age 13) and I loved the movie> The acting was good, love the actor who played the main character. The 3D was awesome. The movie is good for tweens and older, anyone who is into sci-fi and...


By ghoulish
Too long, too drawn out...wanted to fall asleep...predictable and toooooo unbelievable!...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of action, disturbing images, brief strong language and intense sequences of violence
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Common Sense Media says Iffy for 14+ Sci-fi vampire tale has weak characters, heavy violence.
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