Pride and Glory Synopsis
A detective probes a failed drug bust in which four of his brother's men were killed.
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Just another copy...

By dallasite
If you like movies about cops gone bad try a couple of the classics "Magnum Force" (Dirty Harry) and "Internal Affairs", you really hate Gere in this flick and love it when he gets popped by Garcia....


Director/Producer/Screenwriter Gavin O'Connor served up a muddled choppy badly-edited tedious tale of family honor/loyalty and police corruption in PRIDE AND GLORY - the advance press screening which...

Pride and Glory

By ddempsey1933
Really well acted movie. All the actors did a terrific job. It is pretty scarey to think that this kind of stuff really happens....

A strong movie with good acting. Got an free ticket? Go watch!

By gansvv
Great performance from Colin Farrell and Edward Norton. A bit heavy movie though, with a strong theme about corruption among NY cops. The bar scene fight was the only "light" part, when folks in the...

Pride & Glory

By mprout
Great acting; fast moving and real.! Wished it would have been 15 minutes longer...

Average Flick

By jsmith6968
This is an average flick better off with out itself. Yeah, Kevin Smith is funny but does he really know how to make movies any more? I enjoyed it to the extent that I knew exactly what I was...

Pride and Glory

By ironman15
this was a awesome move. the plot was sorta confusing at times, but still good. the acting was wonderful Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voight,and Noah Emmerich were all excellent in this movie....

pride and glory

By mhribar
entertaining movie. not an academy award winner but a decent film expecially if you enjoy, action-drama good guy versus bad guy with a small twist....

Worth watching at least once..

By johana42
This movie was pretty good... worth watching at least once... but I don't think I would repeat it. If you like suspense- or trying to figure out "who-dun-it" this movie is not for you- the plot is...

pride and glory

By travis bickle
a been there done that movie that offers nothing new to the genre. it is sad to see good actors in a movie that probably should have gone straight to dvd. edward norton continues his sad decline with...

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Rated R | For strong violence, pervasive language and brief drug content
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Common Sense Media says Mature crooked-cop drama is no Departed.
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