By StepitUp
Written April 20, 2008
this was a really sad and intence movie. but you had to pay attention coz it was confusing
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Good movie - B+

By GraphicsByRobin
Written August 12, 2008
I'm a BIG fan of Julian McMahon and Sandra Bullock, but this movie didn't end right for my taste. There were parts there were very good and intense, and some where slow. Overall, the ending is what made me rate it a B+.
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By about_that_movie....
Written December 15, 2007
Previews really interested those type of movies...definetely worth the money.
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By brendalittle
Written September 30, 2007
This movie was a big build up to absolutely nowhere. I expected much more from a movie Sandra Bullock was in. I felt ripped off. They sold the trailer well.... which is why I went on opening night. When you have a product that does not perform as advertised, you can return it, but of course there is nowhere to refund from a movie when you have recieved a defective product. The experience of watching the movie was great... you are expecting some big reveal eventually, or a twist, or a conclusion but you get... nothing! It just ends and simply doesn't deliver what was promised.
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Oh No! is an undertstatement.

By ilovemoviessomuch
Written May 11, 2007
i have never watched a movie that made me want to throw up on the old couple in front of me more than this one. It was more disturbing than watching a homeless man chase his glass eyeball down a flight of subway stairs. Ben Affleck is the worst actor ive even seen. Whoever got the idea to make him dress up like Sandra Bullock was an idiot. Hes ugly enough as it is. Ive never heard of Julia McMahon and i hope i never do again...unless its in the obituaries. The plot was about as exciting as watching paint dry...on the back of a fat pimply naked dude. Basically, if youre reading this review and about to go see this movie... dont. Go shoot your dog. itll be lesss painful.
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