i like it

By juneping
Written August 26, 2012
We've always thought this actor was great and we always like action movies. this movie didn't disappoint. the only flow was how did they find out the girl got money....didn't make sense.
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A Good Time was had by All!

By jzactor
Written September 02, 2012
Premium Rush is lots of fun! It is a film filled with action sequences that are remarkable, humorous, daring, and exciting! There is a marvelously nasty bad guy in it and unusual, amazing, athletic, witty and wonderful actors, and some beautiful female characters,as well, I enjoyed it even more than I expected. When actors commit themselves and use the exactly correct blend of hunor and pathos, which I must credit the director for that as well, then to coin a phrase, it results in a rollicking good time at the movies. The film is a rush of emotion, action, danger, pathos, and romance, all rolled into a very simple plot. The characters make it so good. So here's to Premium Rush, a good time at the movies. I was thinking as I watched it that it is exactly what we go to the movies for:escape, action, adventure, romance, good guys, bad guys, and in this case, masterful use of wit and whimsy, too.
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Good scenes of Columbia U.

By vwykoff
Written August 28, 2012
Movie was enjoyable and had an interesting strategy of untying the plot through a series of flashbacks. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an actor to keep an eye on -- his performances are getting stronger with each new film.
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weird, too many plotholes, cheesy

By nng
Written September 07, 2012
the movie was stupid imo- so predictable, too many stereotyped characters (over the top arrogant a**hole black guy, quirky psycho 'bad cop', and overall a storyline that made no sense. Why would anyone, much less a bad cop, chase some random young immigrant female for some "lump sum of money" that she worked for- it wasn't as if it was millions of dollars. I mean really? who would be after this "ticket" worth "money"- it was ridiculous and made no sense. In the end, the "bad cop" was shot by the very people who he could redeem the money from, so why would anyone think that transaction was even possible? It was a rehash of 100's of other films, just presented with a weaker plot storyline, and the classic 'good guy, bad guy' bullsh*t done cheesy. Why would a bike rider ride forward in a chase to get hit bumped rather than hide away in nooks and crannies. It was entertaining a little at first, then just got way too long and boring...skip this one if you want to save some IQ points...
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You'll be on the edge of you seat

By lovemovies1790
Written August 26, 2012
If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and you like a good action movie, then you should see this. It's almost impossible to fall asleep. For some reason, you feel good after watching this film.
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