I love JGL but....

By miss gizzy
Written August 26, 2012
I'm sorry, this movie was just not good. It was one of those movies that starts at the end of goes back to earlier time points to show different vantage points and tell the whole story. I thought Michael Shannon did a great job, but I feel like this movie was below Joseph Gordon-Levitt and really could have been anyone else because his lines were so simple and didn’t require much acting. This is not even a rental, wait for cable.
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check time

By rastathubb
Written September 10, 2012
The time jumping really hinders the movie. It didn't flow well and the characters were not very wise. It does have alot of action and some humor but, check time.
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By acctrucker44
Written September 02, 2012
I found it to drag a little in the beginning maybe for about the first 5 min or so, but it sure picked up the pace quickly. The acting was good none of the characters or actors let you down.
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This Movie is Garbage

By soggycheetah
Written August 24, 2012
The movie has very bad dialogue throughout the movie. Alot of the characters were in there for no reason what-so-ever. Michael Shannon was outstanding bad on his performance. I could care less for happened to the chinese women in the movie. If you were expecting any trials in the movie, dont watch this because there is only one scene in the movie where there is anything like that. There is alot water down action in the movie. I was hoping that Main Character was to get run over and die the whole movie.
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good ole action flick

By rbjr73
Written August 29, 2012
The movie is straight to the point...action flick with a little romance and a little humor...defintely nice midday afternoon flick... 3.5 stars out 5
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