Predators Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written March 08, 2012
88 out of 100 Predator fun times.
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Predators A.K.A. Predator 3

By apvrabec1
Written October 08, 2013
They could've called this movie Predator 3 if I do say so myself. This movie was indeed great and included what you are to expect out of a predator movie. Sadly, there was no chopper!
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An Entertaining yet Typical Sci Fi Adventure

By luv_scary_muvees
Written July 11, 2010
Predators has quite a large name to live up to, because inspite of all the terrible spin-offs, the original predator was and still is an amazing film. The story is a typical cut and paste "must get off this planet" mission, but it is the supreme cast which does an admittedly mediocre job that really drives through the story. With a great cast, the story is driven, and often slices up adventurous action with comical dialogue spoken during the many scenes of marching. It did contain a supremely well done plot twist, which is sure to surprise, as well as a well done ending. Hardcore fans with just love seeing more of the Predators, while some who think this movie is going to be as good as the first will be disappointed, but none the less entertained. Overall, probably one of the more entertaining films of the summer. Recommended.
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Ignore AvP, this is the true experience

By Duskburn
Written July 15, 2010
Not sure why people say it's so badly written. Maybe these are the same people that think the plagiarism of the Twilight Saga is so great. I loved it; it was very true to the original spirit of the Predator and anyone who read the comics from Dark Horse knows it. I can't wait to see a sequel and watch war between the Predator tribes! Only problem I had was towards the end: what was Topher Grace's character, the serial killer doctor, planning to do with Isabelle? I mean seriously, did he think the Preds were going to just leave the two of them alone long enough for him to do naughty things to her? Don't get that or how he recognized a toxin producing flower on a completely different planet....all I can think is that the Preds planted it there. Otherwise, it was great to watch Topher Grace's character get what was coming to him. After his prima donna shenanigans with the third Spiderman, it was fun to see him get what he deserved. I must say, he surprised me with how well he fooled me.
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Five Word Review

By wlfrye
Written June 21, 2010
Go!!! GET To The CHOPPA!!
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