You Will Never Forget This Story

By mshumv
Written October 20, 2009
Read the book 'Push', by Sapphire 10-11 years ago. Have shared this book with at least 50 people, friends, daughters friends, family, educators, neighbors and strangers. It's just a story that you won't every forget. It was a painfully read. I remember each character as if it was read yesterday. Wrote Oprah to make this a book club selection years ago Happy to see her and Tyler's involvement. We are going as a group to the movie and having a discussion party afterwards....can't wait!
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Ha, I saw it first...

By happymedontcry
Written July 14, 2009
When I saw the previews on TP (tyler perry) web site I thought it would be an ok film. Well I was wrong. Not only was the movie ok, it was excellent. Despite Mariah Carey having a active role in the film this film was well done. Monique deserves a emmy for this film. She out shined all the actors and did a great job. I wasn't expecting this from her since she's such an out spoken comedian. You will laugh, cry, and get inspired from this film. I was fortunate enough to see a private viewing, and I will go back when it hits the theatres. A MOST SEE FOLKS go, enjoy and remeber I told ya so.
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Believe the hype.

By vegs8
Written November 13, 2009
Powerful. Intense. Poignant. Witty. Heart-wrenching. Sad. Ugly. Beautiful. I cannot, for the life of me, remember being so moved by a film. Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan come to mind, but this was a different. Even days later, I am on the verge of tears as different scenes creep into my mind. This heart-wrenching story brings someone you wouldn't normally be able to relate to directly into your heart. Well written, impeccably acted, and full of profound of the best films I have seen, definitely this year, and perhaps in the last decade. I recommend it so highly.
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angry consumer

By upsetconsumer
Written November 07, 2009
Why is that when a African American movie is presented to the consumers, the theaters do not show the films in our town. This is outrageous, extremely disgraceful, despicable, and out right shameful. I do not know who is responsible for releasing movies to certain cities, but perhaps this or these individuals will read the consumers responses and do something about it in a positive matter. This is why, in my opinion African American have a hard time recieving Grammies or Emmy's. One does not have to be African American to realize that this is damaging to African American actors/writers and darn right racism. Sorry people the "R" word is still alive and present.
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Great Movie

By Randy_Sparks
Written October 19, 2009
I had the opportunity to see Precious this weekend at the Philadelphia Film Festival and I must say that this movie is a must see. I am usually skeptical of movie adaptations of books but this one was done excellently. Lee Daniels really brought "Push" to life. I recommend going to see this movie!!!
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