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A housewife takes over her husband's umbrella business after his illness.
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By beababyme


By ohevny
A fun French romp that plays on the political right-left charactures of French society of the 1970s and the nascent rise of feminism. It is a pleasurable hour and forty-five minutes....

Mai oui!

By michelef1
To men of a certain age (myself included), Deneuve was and always will be a beautiful, sexy lady. But I never knew she was a comedienne, with a self-deprecating sense of humor, in on the joke. Put her...


By gabbry
I liked the movie, very amusing, entertaining..not to take literally. It is a good, refined, interesting comedy. The actors are just wonderful. Catherine Deneuve plays right on the money. It...

Don't Miss!

By ameliajls
This is a wonderful movie, particularly for over 40 set. It is well-acted, humerous, suprising and touching. Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu are wonderful. You leave smiling....


By slgoldstone
Postiche was a delightful movie...charming as only the french can be. Deneuve and Depardieu are terriific...they are old pros and the chemistry between them is palpable. It made for a very enjoyable...


By andreebrown
the movie is cute,lightly amusing.would i recommend it to my friends? no.the professional actors involved saved it.it's better then average....

a lovely french film

By j.aime.cinema
Liked it. Loved the visuals circa 60's 70's. Catherine d. Did a wonderful job with poise. The humor is subtle but lots of fun. I loved the creative management after deneuve took over the factory....


By Joanne Budge
Good romantic comedy, felt so good coming out of movies, a great film for women of all ages!...

More a play than a movie

By Swiss Movie Fan
Less funny than trailer makes you believe. Acted like a staged play, not like a "realistic" movie. Works given far fetched script / story. Good to see Depardieu and Deneuve together. Liked 70s...

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Rated R | For Some sexuality