POSTGRAD - deserves a failing grade. Rating: 44 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written August 21, 2009
This excruciatingly bad 1.5hr dramedy stars Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel. Director Vicky Jenson who excelled with SHREK, failed with POSTGRAD. I'm so glad that I did not pay to see this self-absorbed poorly constructed movie that should've been a TV movie but for some unknown reason(s) was to be released in the theaters - perhaps to punish and to inflict the movie on the movie-going masses. What an utter waste of Carol Burnett's considerable talents. While Alexis Bledel plainly proofs that she can't act, Michael Keaton over-acted. Truly tragic. The only saving grace in POSTGRAD is Jane Lynch who played the mom. She has good timing and is expressive. Rodrigo Santoro (the Emperor in '300') was under-used and his role in the movie is clearly pointless. VERDICT: Box-office prediction = two-thumbs down - and will likely be poorly received. Rating of 7.5 and up is proof that some poor sap have ZERO taste in movies. Save your hard-earned $$$. Actual GRADE: F
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Saw this Screeening.

By lolo86
Written June 10, 2009
The preview does this flick no justice. It will be on the summer hot list for films. Its like Little Miss Sunshine. Its will blow up. Trust me its a must see.
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Some good laugh out loud moments

By mattman2900
Written August 22, 2009
While I'm not too sure the story makes sense, the acting by Michael Keaton and Carl Burnett is purposely over the top and chaotic, and Burnett's comedic timing is still there. Alexis Bledel's blue eyes will glue ANY guy over the age of 12 to their seats! There are some really funny moments, but its a somewhat typical and predictable film. Not to say that makes it less enjoyable, but its been done before. If you are looking to just escape reality for a little while, or want a relaxing date movie, this is a good pick. Just a side note: A few on this movie review have stated that they aren't sure Alexis can act, or they need to wait for more roles to do than to wallow through cliches. While I respect the opinion of others I want to recommend they rent "I'm Reed Fish", "Sin City", and also watch Less Than Jake's music video in which she has a part in. Not trying to defend her per se, but opening you up to something you may not have seen. Anyway, go see this film for fun.
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A skinny latte of a movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Written August 19, 2009
Light, frothy, very predictable and mostly bland, this movie has a couple of enjoyable moments including a cat funeral that had me laughing out loud. Alexis Bledel lights up the screen, but whether she can really act will have to wait for a movie that gives her more to do than wallow through cliches. I did find the romantic scenes between her and a guy 12 years her senior more creepy than captivating. It was fun to see Carol Burnett again and she made the most of her supporting role. Mostly felt like I was watching the pilot for a TV series, which isn't to say it was terrible, just not a big theater experience. Definitely suitable for those seeking a safe date movie or a dash of feel good entertainment.
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“POST GRAD” – Job-Hunting becomes frustratingly hard for people in QUIRKY families Rating: 7.5 of 10 stars.

By jimchudnow
Written August 18, 2009
This romantic comedy is surprisingly WELL-DONE, funny (in a non-sleazy way) & ENJOYABLE. Ryden (ALEXIS BLEDEL) is a new college graduate who’s dying to get a job at the top publishing company in Los Angeles. She’s always supported by her devoted boyfriend Adam (ZACH GILFORD), who knows he loves her more than vice versa & holds off going to law school in New York so he can stay around her and work to be a performing singer - guitarist. Her family tends to be resolutely eccentric: Dad (MICHAEL KEATON) who keeps trying to find get-rich-quick schemes; Mom (JANE LYNCH); Grandma (CAROL BURNETT); & her younger brother Hunter (BOBBY COLEMAN). But Alexis DOESN’T easily get the job she wanted, has a lot of employment problems, & has to keep living at home near sexy neighbor David (RODRIGO SANTORO)-- which causes strains with Zach. The script is clever (without being overdone), the acting believable & FINE by all involved, the soundtrack really good (like Fox’s ‘500 Days of Summer') & recommended
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