Absolutely amazing

By Mika Mage
Written October 07, 2007
Everyone needs to see this film! It is an instant classic and destined to achieve cult status. If this movie doesn't silence all the haters jealous of the genius of Dr. Boll, nothing will.
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looks funny

By NickIGS
Written April 29, 2008
but completly stupid see it with teen friend. but adults you wouldnt like to watch something this funny or stupid See you at the moives
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Poor acting, poor directing, senseless, no plot . . .

By tucsonhorriblereviwer
Written April 12, 2008
Was invited to a preview of this garbage a few months back and I wish I could get my time back. 5 minutes into this I wanted to leave. The acting by everyone was very poor, the video and audio quality was about as bad as my Sony Handicam, and the plot . . . well, there wasn't one. If you want to see a senseless piece of trash, waste your money, and wish you had your time back, go see this. For those who are trying to make this a "cult classic", well, first it must be a film and not just a spattering of scenes. My final thoughts, only in America could someone waste money on something like this. This is an example of everything going wrong in our great nation.
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By austin567
Written May 26, 2008
omg i saw the video trailer it was so funny and so grows but funny and gay if somewone saw this movie and said it sucked then why dont u talk to my friend jessa abla and solja boy
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