A doctor learns some things he never expected to know as he searches for a friend on a mission of mercy in this drama. Pierre Feldman (Jean-Yves Dubois) is a French physician who visits the African nation of Port Djema in hopes of finding a close friend and colleague. Port Djema is being torn apart by a bloody civil war, and Pierre's friend, a fellow doctor, went there as a medical volunteer. He's since disappeared, and Pierre hopes to track down his friend and a child under his care. As Pierre is plunged deeper into the nation's civil unrest, he becomes acquainted with Alice (Nathalie Boutefeu), a cab driver who serves as Pierre's guide and appears to have known his friend; and Jerome (Christophe Odent), a French official in Port Djema who seems to know more than he's willing to tell about the fate of a number of French citizens. Port Djema earned a Silver Bear for director Eric Heumann at the 1997 Berlin International Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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