• Released
  • December 1, 2000
  • R , 1 hr 25 min
  • Comedy


One of several comedies at the 2000 Method Film Festival to focus on the socio-economic cross-section identified in its title, this film stars Sean Young as a determined Illinois mom who will do anything to provide a college education for her beloved son Mike Tony Denman. The first order of business, however, involves helping Mike avoid serving jail time for a prank he pulled with his inept buddy Lennie (Jacob Tierney). Lennie's grandfather (William Devane) is a high-priced attorney and might be the boys' ticket to beating the rap -- that is, if they can afford him. Their solution: stage a series of robberies around town. After some trepidation, mom and sleazy boyfriend (Jason London) decide to aid and abet the boys as they bumble one not-so-daring heist after another. The title of the film was inspired by the 1957 B-movie of the same name, although this 2000 version bears no common plot elements. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

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