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A young goldfish (Noah Cyrus) embarks on a quest to become human.
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PONYO - SWEPT ME ALONG! Rating: 94 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

PONYO is a 1hr 41min animated movie by animation maestro and master story-teller/director, Hayao Miyazaki - winner of 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for SPIRITED AWAY. PONYO -...

Cute, happy, beautiful

By jmvanderpol
This film, though obviously for young children, was a great watch. From the second Ponyo emerges she will keep you captivated. The scenes are beautifully stylized with a fun and cheerful feel. There...

Ponyo is truly lovely

By mahmut-orphu
This movie is absolutely the best kids movie ever, even better than Wall-e, and we love Wall-e! Ponyo captures the innocence of childhood. You get caught up in the magic, seeing the world through the...

Miyazaki can do no wrong.

By alexjatkins
Big Miyazaki fan here, I own all of his films. I saw this in english subtitles about 2 weeks ago. My friend teaches Japanese exchange students at a nearby campus and one of her girls brought this...

Preview of movie

By wonderclown2003
I saw a preview of the movie Monday August 10. It was great! If you liked Spirited Away then you will love Ponyo. Ponyo kept my attention and all the kids in the audience. It should be nominated...

Not for pre-schoolers!!

By movie-going-mom
Took my five year old son to the movie. He really liked it but I found it disturbing! The boy plays at the ocean by himself with his mother's consent; the mother refers to someone as a weirdo;...

Five Word Review

By nyonzon
This movie is so ADORABLE...

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are brilliant

By LindsayMo
The movie is outstanding from beggining to end. Hayao Miyazaki films are visually stunning and he is one of the greatest storytellers. His imagination and what he incorparate into his movies are one...


By Kelcle
My boyfriend and I love all of the studio Ghibli movies, so it was no surprise that we loved Ponyo. Like all Miyazaki movies, it was a bit strange but that's whats so great about his movies. If you...

Ponyo is an A+

By whosbugger
The latest foray into animation wonderment by Hayao Miyazaki, Ponyo doesn't dissappoint. While, yes, it is geared more for a younger audience, even the older crowd will enjoy this movie, taking in the...

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says Miyazaki's stunning adventure is geared to younger kids.
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