Pompeii from the British Museum

By LGenuario
Written September 05, 2015
I loved this event and hope for more like it in the future! The presenters, who were the head of the museum, the exhibit's curator, and two others (can't remember), were just fantastic. So enthusiastic, knowledgeable, they recreated the day in the life of the wealthy as well as common Roman citizens in the two backwater towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the year 79 a.m. through the objects excavated. They each brought the event and Roman world to life. It was obviously planned and perhaps rehearsed, choreographed even, and yet it felt very spontaneous and fun. What a value for the price of a movie ticket! Attendees here in the U.S. and abroad got to feel they were really there at the British Museum - better than going through the exhibit by oneself as the experts guided you through each space, educated you along the way, made these people feel very contemporaneous. I brought along about 10 other people, and all agreed afterward it was a wonderful experience.
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Pompeii - not what I expected

By Ellen122967
Written November 30, 2015
Based on the preview, I went into this thinking it would be an exciting movie with cut-aways to the museum to show the actual artifacts. Unfortunately it was mostly watching the "experts" talk about the exhibits with very few cut-aways to the action. Sorry to say but it was BORING. My husband fell asleep halfway through.
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By cakes245
Written December 20, 2014
hmmm it was interesting, not enough time spent on the artifacts, Needed more explanation on the wall art depicting the intention of the specific drawing. (purpose) I would of liked to see more of how they began the findings, spent more time in Pompeii and saw how they pulled iems out, and the process of how it arrived to the Museum. Also, since the museum is not acclamated to loud voices, there should be some work on the tone of presenters.
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By stinesmom
Written September 26, 2013
Just as I had expected. A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience about the last 2 days of Pompeii. The pieces they showed, the enjoyable interaction between the presenters and the overall beauty along with the great tragedy of that last few days were unspeakably poignant.
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Pompeii Review

By galpal43
Written September 30, 2014
Very interesting subject...I was sort of distracted by the hosts, but I did enjoy the artifacts.
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