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Disapointing on a Great Clasic

By bcalvillo
Written September 26, 2013
Disapointing just to be kind only 10 people came for the one night showing of Pompeii should have been a clue but stayed to the end took all my might to stay awake so many wonderful artifacts in the background but choose to be limited and more focus on the sponsers who were in my veiw "in the way" of capturing the beauty and awe of what was once Pompeii. BOB
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Pompeii from the British Museum

By maryrao
Written September 26, 2013
A great way to allow those of us who can't see the exhibit in person to visit. However, I did not buy a ticket to look at the faces of camera happy people in the museum's employ talking ecstatically instead of showing the exhibit. The focus should be more on artifacts and less on curators. This is a wonderful medium for taking the museum and its contents to the rest of the world, but will not appeal as presented here. A more incidental criticism-the incorporation of the Vesuvius eruption timeline into the presentation was clumsy. Overall, for a storied institution with great resources available, this presentation was not well done.
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A dissapointing ripoff

By barryhudson
Written January 26, 2015
For over one hour of this short video we look at talking heads talking about an exhibit which you don't see. We see about a dozen artifacts out of hundreds. The level of discussion was inane and similar to talking heads discussion on television news. At least at my theater, quality of the video was highly over saturated on colors making faces all beet red and highly colored objects like pottery just color blobs making detail impossible to see. The level of this production wouldn't make the cut for either BBC or the Discovery Channel. It amounted to an advertisement for the actual exhibition. Only I paid $34.00 for the dubious pleasure of seeing this teaser ad. A completely misrepresented ripoff.
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Not overly impressed

By bryce236
Written February 01, 2015
Since we had made a visit to Pompeii, we thought this would be an interesting film. It was rather dry with academics talking about artifacts. We both fell asleep. The best part was the chef from Italy talking about the food of the period.
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Extremely well done

By aarkad
Written September 26, 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to view the British Museum exhibit. By learning about the objects used by the people in their daily lives we got a fascinating glimpse of the lives that were snuffed out on that terrible day. The experts' details gave us great insight into this vanished world. This was visually stunning. My only negative comment is that I would have liked to see more views of the streets and buildings. I visited Pompeii this past spring and I think that would have added more enjoyment. But very well done, and recommended for anyone who might have an interest in the history of this place and this event.
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