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What HAPPENED?!?!?!

By klinderholm
Written September 27, 2013
One of the most interesting and dramatic events in history and you made it boring. Didn't talk about how things became carbonized. We were so looking forward to this and were very disappointed. The music was good though.
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By gypseroz
Written July 29, 2014
Movie was very disappointing. It was long and drawn out with the dialog given by the museum staff which was often spoken very fast with a hard British accent which was at times difficult to understand. The artifacts were interesting. I had expected the movie to give more documentation about the events before and after the eruption and not dwell on the artifacts.
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Excellent if you are interested in Pompeii

By cheid1630
Written September 26, 2013
I've always been fascinated with the history of Pompeii. I hadn't realized there was a second city, Herculaneum. I learned so much from this movie. It was funny in places and very sad in others, but overall it was extremely informative. The high definition made viewing the artifacts closely and intricate detail was visible. The presenters were extremely knowledgeable, most of whom were involved in the actual archaeological excavation. The two hosts were likable and interesting as well. Beautifully filmed, well presented, fascinating artifacts, and rich in culture and history. It couldn't have been better.
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Written August 27, 2014
.A terrible waste of an opportunity: great subject but terribly boring, and self serving, presentation. The British Museum should get better/livelier presenters instead of boring "academic experts".
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Not quite what I was expecting

By giapet63
Written September 26, 2013
I had hoped to see most of the exhibit and many more artifacts. They had a lot of experts talking and sometimes just guessing about artifacts. And they spent a long time on only a few artifacts and kept showing them over and over from the same viewpoint. I've been to Pompeii and was hoping to get some information I hadn't heard and see some things up close and behind the scenes. Probably would have been better to just play the audio they give you at the museum with some filming of the exhibit pieces. Disappointed.
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