Written May 02, 2016
.A terrible waste of an opportunity: great subject but terribly boring, and self serving, presentation. The British Museum should get better/livelier presenters instead of boring "academic experts".
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Rip Off

By tammyjennings18
Written June 30, 2016
15 dollars for a ticket..and then we spent much of the time looking at the people speaking??? Where were the pics of Pompeii or Herculaneum now? How about some real stories, that left us wanting more? Seriously? Although it had some interesting moments, (how could it not!) this should never have been shown in the theatre and I would like a refund!
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Unsure of How I feel...

By Athena21
Written May 01, 2016
I went with the expectation it would be a movie about Pompeii. The movie is in fact a tour of the exhibit at the British Museum. I found it interesting and disappointing at the same time. We don't see ALL of the exhibit (there's an app for that). We do get to hear from some of the leading archeologists, botonists, and scholars who have studied Pompeii and Herculean. I left with a insight to their every day life but the actual cause for Pompeii's destruction was the last 10 minutes. Save your money and either order this online or go to Google Play and see the exhibit that way. $15 is a bit steep for this production.
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Outstanding Insights into Behind the Scenes of an Historic Event!

By jacolletti8423
Written September 27, 2013
We visited Pompeii ruins several years ago, however, didn't see any of the artifacts (they were off site in Museum) - this British Museum documentary provides not only views of life in Pompeii immediately prior to the volcano eruption but also commentary of leading experts (they are both very knowledgeable and enthusiastic) about a wide range of artifacts that we had no idea this existed. All in all, an enjoyable film -- well worth the time and money!
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Like a day in Pompeii

By MrsMomRN
Written May 31, 2016
Very educational, especially with the world renown experts in the field giving a detailed summary. A very interesting look into the day that was horribly tragic but also a valuable preservation for future generations. The world has learned a ton of valuable information about the Roman culture through this horrible disaster. It was nice to know that about 90% of the population actually escaped that night.
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