Special effects great but story was poor

By simonrtaylor
Written February 22, 2014
We went to see this movie expecting a story woven into the mystery, history and splendor of the ancient roman city. Of course the computer rendering of pompeii was what we've come to expect in today's movies, the story however was much more disappointing and essentially a short version of the film gladiator (underneath a volcano) mixed with a bit of the Starz series Spartacus (which I actually enjoyed a lot more).
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By karlelaine
Written February 22, 2014
I don't know who writes the critic reviews!! Four of us (60+) just returned from seeing Pompeii and we all liked it very much (not for young children as it might be too frightening). The graphics and special effects were very realistic and very well done. Interaction between the characters was fine given the length of time between the start of the movie and the eruption of Pompeii. The acting was well done. There really was not a lot of time for long, involved story development but none of us felt short changed (gladiator action, geologic catastrophe, love story and protagonists fighting each other). This movie is a fun Friday night movie with value for money spent. The 3-D effect had you brushing volcanic ash out of your hair.
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It was worth the watch

By jpnelson
Written February 23, 2014
I went in with no expectations and was pleased. The acting and FX were very good, plot was predictable although well written, and the ending was okay. There were some really good scenes of dramatic impact, the fighting was well done and relatively believable, and I particularly liked a certain scene involving a chase (you will have to watch the movie). I would nominate Kiefer Sutherland for an Oscar, without hesitation. He absolutely nailed his character. In my opinion the 3D was wasted on this film, not that it was a bad effect, but while it added some depth to the view ... nothing came out and grabbed me. The "quality" of the 3D, however, was excellent. If the reader hasn't seen the film, it is definitely worth the watch, but I won't be running to the store to buy it upon release. There were several satisfactions in the film and the ending was nice, but it didn't have me leaving the theater saying, "Yesssssss!" I would rate this film as an 8.5
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Pompeii 3D

By JoeandRenee
Written March 02, 2014
This was a great story line and the 3D effects were great !! It was more of an action packed romance and that works out great for a couple of bikers like my wife and I. I am considering purchasing a 3D television (big screen) and if I do this will be one of the first movies I will own on Blue-Ray....
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Fun in 3D, Plot was a bit corny

By RMillercp
Written February 24, 2014
The movie had some good gladiator scenes, and lots of fun 3D graphics like falling ash and rocks flying at your head.. but.. I think the plot itself was a bit corny.
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