Poker House

By Rich S
Written July 26, 2009
This movie, a real life account of three young sisters raised in a trailer trash brothel which appeared to be the collection point for the dregs of humanity [who all looked amazingly healthy given the dissolute life they portrayed]. The story was written and directed by Lori Petty the oldest of the girls, Agnes, 14 at the time, and describes her wisdom, temptation, confusion and loyalty to her younger sisters in a sensitive and heart rending manner. Agnes is "turned out" by her mother's pimp and realizes that she must flee to save herself. Sarah her mother/whore/dope addict is totally demented eg when she says "my man is a winner" as she slinks onto his lap at the gaming table at which he has just cheated another man at cards and threatens to kill him if he complains about it; then seems not to care about the rape by her "boyfriend" and steps in front of the gun that Agnes threatens him with. The movie is at once high drama and a view of the underside of trashlife in the 70s.
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By grapesarescary
Written February 01, 2013
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Five Word Review

By gsmcc
Written July 23, 2010
Loss Gain American Tragedy Resurection
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By morrellnat3
Written March 30, 2013
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