• Released
  • February 11, 2011
  • (Limited 2/11)
  • NR , 2 hr 19 min
  • Art House/Foreign
Poetry Synopsis
At the end of her life a woman searches for new meaning.
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Movie Reviews


By sutaira
This is a very sad movie that leaves one subdued and introspective after viewing. However, there are many complex topics to dscuss: (Korean) cultural mores, parenting, Alzheimer's, corruption, and...

Visual Poetry

By abwafb
Poetry is a fascinating and often heartbreaking story focusing around an older woman desperate for fulfillment, vision, and control over her thoughts and memories. At the center of it is a behemoth...

Mind-numbingly dull and denotes everything wrong with stuffy reviewers

By Agrajag
I see 50+ movies a year at the theater including many wonderful independent and foreign films at the local art house theater. However, I've noticed a disturbing trend that movies that seem to gain...

Excellent Film

By btwob
I was really surprised by this film, since I hadn't heard anything about before viewing. It was a superb film with terrific acting, editing and directing. When I checked the reviews afterwards, I...

Thought Provoking

By mkbg
This is a film a for an intellectually mature audience. You begin to see things through Mrs. Park's eyes even as she slowly discovers things about herself and those around her. Yun Junghee's...

Beautfiul film

By Wicki10023
A gorgeous, heart rending film of both visual and verbal poetry. As they say in the films' poetry class: "Even the sorrow was beautiful."...


By jessica_wallace
Poetry was a heart wrenching story about a woman who gives everything she has for a unappreciative grandson and daughter. Her only vice is to take poetry lessons. She tries throughout the movie to...

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Rated NR