Playing for keeps

By lauriebuf
Written December 09, 2012
I brought my 12 year old daughter to this movie because she plays soccer and I thought it would be a good soccer inspiring movie. I was very wrong! Instead, it was all about moms throwing themselves at the "ex-soccer player" coach and the coach trying to get his ex wife back all the while sleeping with the players mothers and disappointing his son. It was actually very disgusting. For the life of me I don't understand why Hollywood feels the need to drowned family movies with "adults behaving badly" substance. Are the writers just so desperate for material that this crap is the only thing they can come up with? Even the all star cast can't save this movie. Don't waste your money! Instead stay home and rent "Rudy" or "Remember the Titans" if your looking for a sports inspiring movie like I was.
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Playing For Keeps

By wgm
Written December 15, 2012
Loved this movie from start to finish. Gerard Butler is perfect in this role, and the rest of the cast was great too, and equally funny. This movie had the right amount of drama and comedy and romance. Great date movie for any couple, but don't take my word for it, see it for yourselves.
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By thedoctor777
Written December 12, 2012
I was totally entertained by this film. The casting was excellent. Butler and Biel have a wonderful on screen presence. You could see the love and caring in their eyes. You could easily think that they were a real couple in real life, they were amazing throughout the entire film. The story was one that's predictable; but it's done so well you don't mind. I thought it dealt with divorce and the effects it has on children very realistic to all that have gone through that situation. This is an enjoyable film for sure and well worth your time and money. I wouldn't call it a bona fide chick flick; but I would go so far as to say a wonderful date movie. Catherine Zeta Jones also does a fine job in this film with a strong supporting role performance. So get your popcorn and drink and have a nice hour and a half at the theater.
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playing for keeps

By tsm
Written December 09, 2012
younger adults may like it, but as an older adult i thought it was not funny or entertaining and i usually like these fluffy, romantic comedies.. felt no sympathy for gerald butler's character economic situation or his relationship with his son. the three women were not believable especially the scenes when they interact with him. save your money.
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Playing for Keeps

By benseigel
Written December 10, 2012
A fun film that leaves you with a good feeling. Great script by Robbie Fox who deserves a lot of credit for dealing wiith a difficult situation presented by today's economics and lifestyles.
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