By Peneflix
Written December 20, 2012
The director, writers, producers must have suffered a meteoric meltdown to think that this sophomoric drivel qualifies as entertainment. An ageing, once renown soccer player, "George" (Gerard Butler) returns to a town of desperate housewives (Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Greer), to reconnect with his ten-year-old son, "Lewis" (an enchanting Noah Lomax)) and ex-wife, "Stacie" (Jessica Biel). Predictability ensues: ups and downs of a father/son relationship; out-of-work George tackles the challenges of coaching a beleaguered, winless, little league soccer team, hoping to garnish the esteem and affection of Lewis (and still loved ex-wife, Stacie)... ONE & 1/2 STARS! ***For more reviews please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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Crazy Suburban Mothers

By imara90
Written August 28, 2014
With a cast like this I expected way more from this movie and I was wholly underwhelmed. Gerard jumps from bed to bed with all the crazy suburban wives yet we're still supposed to root for him to get back together with his ex-wife? No thank you! I would definitely pass on this movie disguised as a romance.
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It just wasn't a good movie

By JAMoneyhun
Written December 08, 2012
I love all the actors in this but the story line just couldn't make this movie entertaining. It was drawn out for too long and the chemistry was better with George and his flings than who was supposed to be the love of his life. Wait for it to come on tv in a few years so they can cut out the really boring parts.
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Playing for Keeps - no rating

By mmargherini
Written July 30, 2014
Unfortunately the theater it was playing in was shut down for repairs and wasn't aware of this until I got there, so I didn't get to see the movie. Requested a refund but they told me I had to go through Fandango and it appears you don't refund tickets, so my experience was not a positive one.
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playing for keeps

By underpar1162
Written August 23, 2014
didnt like the ending ... only reason not a must go and just a go..... once he found out that she dumped the other guy... he should have called espn and tell them he is on his way...
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