We walked out

By Shadowfax0925
Written August 28, 2014
This movie had an idea for a heart warming story but fell incredibly short. The theme was mainly about man who couldn't keep his pants up. A bunch of married and single women kept throwing themselves at a man who didn't care how many women he slept with. Boring, Boring, Boring and not worth the time or money. This movie was far below Katherine Zeta Jones and did nothing for her career. I don't recommend it for children because of the moral values this "father" set for his son and it went no where fast except to the next fling.
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By Jacq67
Written September 17, 2014
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A fun movie

By Lsavan
Written October 28, 2014
Butler did a good job, not to mention he was fun to look at, as noted by the co-stars in the movie. His son in the movie also cute.
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not impressed

By pinkfifty
Written December 17, 2012
Although I somewhat enjoyed seeing this movie, it is one I would have rather rented then wasted money on at the theater. Gerard Butler didn't even make it worth my time. I'm not a fan.
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Playing For Keeps

Written December 10, 2012
A heart-warming story of a man who grows up right under his son's nose. Famous Scottish soccer player, George Dryer, is broke after his career takes a downturn. He returns to the States to be a father to his 10 year old son who he has parented in a few years. His ex is getting ready to remarry and he makes very good impressions on the moms and dads at his son's soccer practice; so much so that he becomes the coach. Without spoiling the ending, you will enjoy a view of a father and son relationship blossoming. Gerard Butler is his usual charming and handsome self and woman and men both will drool of his good looks and physique.
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