Not worth full admission

By clearfreak
Written January 19, 2017
I'd wait until it comes out on video or at a less expensive theatre. You knew where the story line went, Catherine Zeta-Jones delivered a "forgettable" performance! Dennis Quaid was annoying.
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Playing For Keeps

By alanbige
Written August 27, 2016
I liked 'PFK' a lot. Very simple. Quite well done. Happy-ending predictable. I find nothing wrong with that if the project is well crafted and fun as this one is. However, if you know it's going to have a happy ending going in, it can cut down on your enjoyment. Therefore, I don't think you should read a film review -- even a lousy review like this one -- until AFTER you've seen the movie... or not at all. The little kid is terrific. The kid-soccer coverage is fun and well edited. The music is well done and well thought out, particularly the piece that runs with the end credits. Every one of the cast did a fine job -- particularly Gerard, Biels and Quaid. It looks like everyone had a fun time making the movie. That came through for me. I would not pay more than $5 or$6 to see it -- candy, soda, popcorn included. The Shreveport, LA locations look great with the wide, digital projection and super multi-plex sound. It makes sense to wait for the DVD. Have fun. Thanks. ae
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playing for keeps

By underpar1162
Written January 18, 2017
didnt like the ending ... only reason not a must go and just a go..... once he found out that she dumped the other guy... he should have called espn and tell them he is on his way...
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Playing For Keeps

By never_enough
Written May 30, 2016
A wonderful, charming and funny movie filled with pathos and, a the same time, with laughter. It is good, clean fun for the whole family and best of all it has a really happy ending for all.
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just plain boring

By drross
Written January 19, 2017
Too long, poor story, Jessica Biel needs acting lessons...could not care about a single character. Kid was adorable and Butler was as hot as ever. Too bad :(
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