We walked out

By Shadowfax0925
Written March 23, 2017
This movie had an idea for a heart warming story but fell incredibly short. The theme was mainly about man who couldn't keep his pants up. A bunch of married and single women kept throwing themselves at a man who didn't care how many women he slept with. Boring, Boring, Boring and not worth the time or money. This movie was far below Katherine Zeta Jones and did nothing for her career. I don't recommend it for children because of the moral values this "father" set for his son and it went no where fast except to the next fling.
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Better On The Page Than The Screen.

By Al P
Written July 08, 2015
This story and screenplay are barely mediocre. The talent does their best with the material they've been provided but that's not much. The one redeeming value I found was the family first message that's delivered most sincerely. If you're into matinees and can see it at a discount, it's probably a fair trade sort of outing but no way should one pay an evening's ticket price. As hard as it is to actually write, and since I tend to give all films the benefit of the doubt based on differing tastes in films among audience members, I cannot recommend this one. You should probably wait for the stream or rental option. You'll be glad you did.
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not impressed

By pinkfifty
Written December 17, 2012
Although I somewhat enjoyed seeing this movie, it is one I would have rather rented then wasted money on at the theater. Gerard Butler didn't even make it worth my time. I'm not a fan.
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'Playing For Keeps' Has All I Want In A Rom-Com And Leaves Out The Stuff I Don't

By wendyd3520
Written June 26, 2016
When critics write about Gabriele Muccino‘s English language movie 'Playing For Keeps' they’ll say all the wrong things. They’ll call it generic, artificial, formulaic, and predictable. Yeah, sure. But they won’t tell you the good things about it. It’s sweet. It’s romantic. It’s got marvelously handsome Gerard Butler not holding back with his irresistible Scottish accent. It’s got real kids saying real kid things and not mouthing off to adults or swearing. It’s free of bathroom jokes, ridiculous antics that involve senior citizens hip hop dancing and offensive jokes about projectile vomiting, Viagra, or binge drinking. It’s nice; is that so wrong? Check out my blog ' I Love Italian Movies' for the rest of my review and more on Italian directors like Gabriele Muccino.
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By sandraslh
Written July 08, 2013
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