Planet B-Boy is GREAT!

By allieg4me
Written March 24, 2008
This movie puts Step-Up 2 to shame and the crazy thing is that its a do***entary. But it really was great. My girlfriend knows one of the dancers in the film and took me to see it and I tell you I really loved it. The dancing is incredible and the stories of what these dancers go through is really something else. I have a new found appreciation for break dancing. Please don't pre-judge this film until you've seen it.
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By rawveganboi
Written June 18, 2008
Simply loved it; We have a local group here in Las Vegas. How cool is that?
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Planet B-Boy

By amadison
Written April 20, 2008
I wish this movie had more publicity so more people knew about it and would go! Even if you don't think of yourself as interested in breakdancing, this movie presents charming and fascinating cultural stories from genuine perspectives. I loved this movie because of these genuine perspectives and the personalities of the diverse b-boys in the film. Also, the dancing is amazing!! These kids have unbelievable talent and I love how they all come together in the end.
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must see

By lovemore704
Written April 06, 2008
explains the fourth element of hip-hop very well. shows how breakdancing is an art and unites people from various backgrounds together as one
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Planet BBoy

By joelseph
Written April 20, 2008
Absolutely incredible movie. Heart breaking stories accompanied by potentially back breaking acrobatics. Every part of it blows you away. I had to see it twice. I cannot wait until the dvd is released
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