Planet 51

By bhammomoffour
Written December 01, 2009
This was a cute movie that I enjoyed as well as my 10 and 5year olds. The writing was clever in that it reversed all the "earthly" notions of aliens to the alien planet thinking we were the aliens.
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Planet 51

By JMNied
Written December 09, 2009
This hilarious throwback to Americas golden era with a decidedly cartoon approach was a marvelous joy for my wife and I, both astute movie goers as well as my children ranging in age from 6 to 10. I would definately reccommend seeing this film for families and singles alike. The parallels of the "alien" world and our own in the golden era of the 50's was at once refreshing and comical.
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My Review of Planet 51

By Tobyjam
Written November 23, 2009
With the avalanche of CG animated movies, I appreciate when a good one comes along. The animation and graphic quality in Planet 51 were smooth and I enjoyed a lot of the "little" touches like backlighting and consistent light-sourcing. The voice acting was enjoyable, but not over the top, which has been the case in quite a few of the CG animated features. The "in jokes" and sci-fi and pop culture references were funny, but I'm afraid that there were too many of them that the kids in the audience couldn't catch, which resulted in a great deal of the movie being a bit beyond their reach. My 13 year old son spent a lot of time whispering in my ear, asking "What did they mean by that?" I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates the old sci-fi paranoia flicks of the 50's, and who is old enough to appreciate the references and in-jokes, otherwise you'll spend a lot of the movie more or less narating it to your kids.
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Planet 51

By jdmiller55
Written November 22, 2009
I took my 5 and 6 year old girls, they liked it! It also had some adult humor in it.
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Planet 51 is outta this world!

By crossfam5
Written November 21, 2009
Great family movie. Very funny. Animation was great. Kept the attention of my 4yr. old (which says a lot). High "four" for Planet 51!!
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