planet 51

By richmancine
Written November 28, 2009
This id a really good movie i give it 4 thumbs up my kids really enjoyed it an i did too...I suggest seeing it
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Planet 51

By JodiBarnhill
Written December 01, 2009
We liked the movie! It is a very entertaining film for both adults and children. Very family friendly! My 8 and 5 year old loved it. It even held the attention of my 4 month old!! ( Must have been all the green colors)!! Very cute, humorous film with a lot of action and some suspense!! I would see it again!!
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looks nice

By lalakers4ever
Written November 04, 2009
looks reeally good
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By mychall_2000
Written December 11, 2009
This movie is a great example of what bad movies are all about. My nine year old daughter did not like it anymore than I did, and I was struggling just to stay awake. They are pumping out so many of these kids movies that they are all becoming alike. I am amazed that our local Dallas Morning News Critic gave this a B, as it is an F. Not funny, not clever, not witty, not interesting. When my 4th grader is asking, "Daddy, what time is it?" in the middle of a movie, you know there's a problem. THIS ONE should not even go to video! What a waste of time and money.
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Planet 51

By JMNied
Written December 09, 2009
This hilarious throwback to Americas golden era with a decidedly cartoon approach was a marvelous joy for my wife and I, both astute movie goers as well as my children ranging in age from 6 to 10. I would definately reccommend seeing this film for families and singles alike. The parallels of the "alien" world and our own in the golden era of the 50's was at once refreshing and comical.
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