Five Word Review

By mimisphere
Written November 30, 2009
super family friendly action flick
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Eeee. I'll give it a SO-SO

By BubblePopper
Written January 30, 2010
Every time Dwanye Johnson tries to do a movie, it turns out to be a very mediocre film. Well, let me point this out on how inappropriate this movie is when when an alien sees a nude astronaut and says,"Mmm, that's a strange place for a human's antenna to be." Only 5 yr. olds will enjoy this movie. That's all I'll say about this movie. Sure I make long reviews, but his is just stupid. Plain stupid..... -_-
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Fun for everyone

By gypsynjoel
Written November 24, 2009
I really enjoyed Planet 51.
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Planet 51

By JodiBarnhill
Written December 01, 2009
We liked the movie! It is a very entertaining film for both adults and children. Very family friendly! My 8 and 5 year old loved it. It even held the attention of my 4 month old!! ( Must have been all the green colors)!! Very cute, humorous film with a lot of action and some suspense!! I would see it again!!
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planet 51

By richmancine
Written November 28, 2009
This id a really good movie i give it 4 thumbs up my kids really enjoyed it an i did too...I suggest seeing it
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