Planet 51

By baby041268
Written April 26, 2015
I did not like it it was boring.
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Planet 51

By townsendwc
Written November 23, 2009
For a movie company that has yet to do an animated feature, they did a very good job with this movie. My two boys laughed throughout the movie, as did I. There were a few places where the humor was aimed towards the adults and the kids didn't get it but that's no different than any other kid's movie these days,
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Five Word Review

By joliess
Written December 12, 2009
Funny spoof on fifties "aliens"
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By ssnyder0827
Written September 01, 2014
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By Fun_Dingo
Written November 26, 2009
DO NOT SEE THIS PIECE OF CRAP My 6yr old, who really wanted to see this based on the trailers, turned to me less than halfway through and said "Daddy, I want to leave. This is really bad" The team that spewed this drivel are clearly Eurotrash dilettantes trying to make some smarmy political point about Americans, the military, and the space program. What little they know about America is derived from bad translations of Grade-B movies and French communist political writings. This movie's concept could've been a contender, but got lost in the translation. This movie has been done far better in multiple venues such as Twilight Zone episodes and countless other movies. I had serious "suspension of disbelief" issues with pretty much everything in this movie as its internal logic is flawed (only 1 astronaut on the mission? A kid named LEM??? {Lunar Excursion Module or Stanislaw?} A VW van? Rain of rocks? ) and spends too much time with creepy homages to countless other movies
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