Nice looking, boilerplate story.

By Astra Goblin
Written December 08, 2009
About halfway through there stops being anything new, and the rest of the movie is just the characters running from one location to another, just out of reach of the *end* of the story... and then wraps up with a really thin and obligatory "moral of the story" speech from out of nowhere and some "save the day" character-personality flip-flops. Even on the level of appeal to kids: The gags aren't all that great, the character personalities pedestrian (boring, obvious), and the story really dull. There's nothing memorable here and no emotional reaction worth having to the story (compare that to how solidly-woven a Pixar film is). Also, the title has no resonance. Doesn't mean anything to the story. I was expecting something clever.
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planet 51

By movie_kate_13
Written December 24, 2009
the movie was fun and the 3D was exceptional. i will probably take another one of my kids to it, the first said he would like to go again!
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Planet 51

By snunley1
Written January 25, 2010
My family enjoyed this movie. Funny for the kids without being to cartoony for the adults.
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Excellent Family Film

By Boylonian
Written April 10, 2010
These days its often hard to find a movie you can watch with mixed ages. Planet 51 does a good job of filling that hole. Its funny and simple. The alien planet is set in a 50s style cultural setting and does a really good job of exposing what the writers and directors think would come from a comedic spin of a sci-fi 'Leave it to Beaver' style cultural setting. I highly recommend it as a fun, but simple movie to watch with the whole family.
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A little something for all

By racerexs
Written November 23, 2009
Works on a couple of levels, primarily because there are many '50s-centric jokes for the adults (and some other pop culture references), and is beautifully rendered. Kept our kid's attention and gave him a little moral lesson that he's heard from virtually every other kids' movie the past few years.
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