PLANET 51. ROCKS!!! Grade: B. (Based on advance VIP press preview - Sat. Nov. 14th.)

Written November 23, 2009
Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios's first effort, Planet 51 was originally titled Planet 1 but was changed - as a nod to Nevada's Area 51. Scripted by Joe Stillman, and directed by a trio - Jorge Blanco, Javier Adad, and Marcos Martinez, Planet 51 featured the voice talents of Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Seann William Scott, Gary Oldman, and John Cleese. This 1.5hr entertaining animated movie's action/plot moved along briskly as it explored themes of loyalty, courage, sacrifice, heroism, and fear of the unknown while being peppered by PLENTY of humorous sci-fi/pop-culture references. Planet 51 was populated by cute characters like a wily playful acid-peeing alien pet and Rover - the resourceful adorable Labrador Retriever-like space exploration robot. While there is room for improvement, the overall 'look' and quality of the animation was consistent in this good-quality production. I look forward to Ilion's future projects. VERDICT: Recommended.
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Planet 51

By granddaddy123
Written November 22, 2009
Enjoyable for adults and kids alike. Humor definitely understood by us "oldies" since based a lot on the 1950's, but more than enough storyline for the kids to follow. Recommend.
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Fun send-up of 50s Sci-Fi

By levets
Written November 21, 2009
Ok, this is a movie for kids. I just went with my 6 and 9 year old, and they loved it. I did too - but here's the catch - I'm a big fan of 5-s Sci-Fi, B-Movies, and Sci-Fi in general. This movie is full of references (Star Wars, Close Encounters, Alien, etc.) that many kids won't get (and adults who don't know the genre) - but my kids caught one I didn't (from the original Lost in Space) This movie is fun. It's an homage. It's a send-up. It's not supposed to have the literary and socio-political complexity of something like No Country for Old Men or something. Any violence is mild, and most is only implied. There are some "off color" jokes, but much of those will go over the little ones' heads - and again much of the "crude" stuff is not shown, only implied. Thankfully, there is no bad language as in "the other name for a Donkey" used in Shrek. I hate when they do that, even in an "allowed" context - it just isn't necessary. This movie is profanity-free and just simply, fun.
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By KDBolejack
Written February 23, 2017
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Good Family Fun

By Diamondgirlmovies
Written December 05, 2009
This was one of the greatest animated movies to come out this year. I appreciate the humor in the film and how it was represented.We've always heart of "aliens" coming to earth now we have something of an idea of what it's like to be the "alien" from this movie. It's good clean fun and everyone could enjoy this one from kids to 3 or 4 to adults in their 60's and 70's. Go see it!CFG
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