Your little ones will LOVE Disney's Planes!

By kastilwell
Written February 01, 2015
I took my teenagers to see Disney's Planes, just because they are such big Disney fans. We saw it in the theaters in Downtown Disney last week. The theaters there are awesome, by the way! Though we knew Planes was definitely targeted to a younger crowd, we still enjoyed it. We loved Cars, so had to see Planes, too! It was a very cute movie. Both the animation and screen play were amazing. We loved the characters, especially Dusty. We had a love/hate relationship with El Chupacabra! My daughter said he was the worst thing about the movie and the best thing about the movie. If you have young kids, they will LOVE Planes! It really is a must see in the theater, too! Though I know a lot of families will want to buy it when it comes out, you really should see it on the big screen.
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Low Flying Object(ion)

By garykaplow
Written April 19, 2015
Well, as a disney fan, it pains me to say that i didn't really care too much for this movie. as it was originally slated for direct to video, it had a few good funny moments, but they were few and far between. the environment didn't feel nearly as deep and full as the world of cars. sets seemed sparse and rather flat. the characters didn't feel as developed, yet they all seemed all too familiar, almost as if they were lifted from cars and put in a new body. i would say that if you could wait for the rental/purchase for home i would. sorry disney.
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Fantastic aviation movie by Disney!

By Dellism77
Written May 25, 2015
I'm tired of reading reviews by people saying that this movie is too predictable or is too stereo typed. It is Disney and it is fantastic! The amount of effort and attention to detail will make any aviation enthusiast giddy during the dialogues and for those new to the aviation community, it will thrill you as well. The character development is well done and is truly right out of the world of cars (as it proclaimed itself to be from the beginning so why people complain about this as some surprise is beyond me). Go see it! It is fun, exciting, and full of that great Disney magic that so many of us have come to love. The sound track is very well done and the animation, since we saw it in Real 3-D, was just as great as I had hoped it would be. I plan on seeing this again soon. Planes gets my salute!
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great flick for the family

By dtrainfx1
Written July 08, 2015
Good addition to the cars experience. The 3d shots of the flying and depth were great to watch. We liked the story and had some great laughs. Love these feel good family movies that allow us all a good laugh and fun experience.
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Great Kids Movie

By nasusmit88
Written March 04, 2015
We took our 3 year old grandson to see this movie. It was his very first movie in a theater experience. It was a good story and kept him in his seat the entire time. Much like the movie cars with a variation on the same story line.
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