By gardeningfool
Written August 12, 2013
Planes is adorable, I took my 63 year old pilot. We love the new Cars Land and ride and especially love Soarin California... so only natural to enjoy the humorous Planes. The animation and voices were great.
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Dissapointing 3D experience.

By MikeFlanagan1
Written August 09, 2013
I wish I'd known that before I plunked down $$$ that it wasn't Pixar. The poster really tried to make a CARS connection. Parts of the script were almost directly copied from Cars. The projector was set wrong and 5 minutes after the previews started and the 3D wasn't right I went to the ticket taker and let her know. 30 minutes later another employee walked into the theater, put on 3d glasses then flipped a filter in place and the 3d cleared up. They comped us tickets for any other 3d movie. My grandsons were bored and asking when it would be over with 30 minutes left in the film. :( 4 thumbs down!
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Loved "Planes"!!

By priordi
Written August 18, 2013
I was smiling so much that at the end of the movie my cheeks hurt. This movie is a true joy -heartwarming & morally uplifting. I intend to tell my nephew who flies planes in the Marines that he should see it. The 3-D was VERY effective and VERY well done, but don't look for things flying into your face. The scenery was beautiful and realistic, especially the ocean waves. I found it interesting that every vehicle was a character and every character (including dumb animals like birds and cows) were vehicles.
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Great Movie

By kamcfddn
Written August 20, 2013
We liked the film very much. It is a great movie for any age. Great inspirational story, if you have a dream go for it no matter what.
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Long wait is over

By benonbase
Written August 19, 2013
Disney has been advertising this movie for about a year & I was dying to see it. I wasn't disappointed; can't wait to take grandson to see it.
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