The movie Planes in 3D

By aimeeping
Written August 10, 2013
This is the first Pixar film I have not liked. It was so boring that I fell asleep during most of it. The humor that Pixar is known for was not in this movie. The storyline was almost exactly like CARS, but without the humor. I do not recommend this movie. This movie is for little children between 3-8.
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Planes 3D

By llwillis444
Written September 30, 2016
My youngest daughter and three grandchildren went to see this movie the day it opened....we all loved it.... And the story was very good as well....
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Delightful for both adults and children.

By jcchel
Written August 27, 2016
It had a positive story-line with humor mixed in for both adults and children. I appreciated the fact that the main character did not have to "be bad" in order to learn a valuable lesson as in many other "family" films. Several times I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was happening next.
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Planes 3D

By emailmarkgreen
Written October 26, 2016
A delightful romp of a movie. The characters are pleasant ensemble of international personalities. El Chupacabra was by far my favorite character. A most colorful and singularly unique persona. Of course, as one might expect, all of the characters are presented well and join to create a very enjoyable experience. I found one technical incongruity in the movie. When the movie recanted the flashback of Skipper's recovery from his WWII mission, it showed a modern day aircraft carrier picking him up; and with fellow Corsairs on the deck. There may have been more, but this is the one 'big' goof that stuck with me throughout the rest of the movie. I was nice to see some characters from the movie Cars appearing in this movie. For instance, it looked like Lightning McQueen in the row of photographers at the beginning of one of the races. The presence of the Winnebago fan was also a welcome sight. The 'kid' in everyone should definitely enjoy this movie.
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Not great disappointing 3D Cute Story

By brbroof
Written August 21, 2013
My daughter who is four claims she liked the movie but she was distracted many times during the movie and asked to go to walk around three times during the movie this has never been he case with any movie I have taken her to before. We have seen them all. The story line is predictable and cute. My biggest beef with this movie is the 3D is terrible compared to any other animated 3D movie I have seen. I would think that with it being a movie about planes, that fly, there would be a lot of opportunity to have awesome 3 D graphics with things coming off the screen. Not exciting, not worth paying for 3D a bit flat and Boring. Great big disappointment. What happened Pixar?
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