By junem839
Written August 17, 2013
The movie was cute and definitely wholesome entertainment for my grandson with a life skill built into it. I was very disappointed with the 3D. I didn't see any point of spending the extra money that I did for the 3D. Perhaps 3D today is not the same 3D when I was a kid. If you'd like to explain to me why 3D is offered for this movie I would like to know. The non 3D I do believe could have been unequivocally enjoyed.
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Your little ones will LOVE Disney's Planes!

By kastilwell
Written August 20, 2013
I took my teenagers to see Disney's Planes, just because they are such big Disney fans. We saw it in the theaters in Downtown Disney last week. The theaters there are awesome, by the way! Though we knew Planes was definitely targeted to a younger crowd, we still enjoyed it. We loved Cars, so had to see Planes, too! It was a very cute movie. Both the animation and screen play were amazing. We loved the characters, especially Dusty. We had a love/hate relationship with El Chupacabra! My daughter said he was the worst thing about the movie and the best thing about the movie. If you have young kids, they will LOVE Planes! It really is a must see in the theater, too! Though I know a lot of families will want to buy it when it comes out, you really should see it on the big screen.
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Disney Entertains KiDs

By dhodgman
Written August 12, 2013
I brought my 3 yr old son who loved the cars movies and this entertained him for the whole hour and a half. He liked the characters and followed the story. There were some great messages in their about helping others, being honest and striving to do more than what comes naturally to you. All great messages for a kids movie. A bit different than the typical Disney/Pixar team... I read that Pixar was not involved with this one although John Lasseter was part of Directing team. It didnt seem to have the same feel to it and lacked some of the adult type humor that is typically buried into the similar type movies. All around a great movie for the young kids. Certainly 4 months before christmas I expect target to be running crazy trying to keep the planes toys in stock :) Thanks Disney! To help you understand my review my son and I Love the Cars & Toy Story movies and we do not really watch much TV at all other than age appropriate movies occasionally.
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PLANES keeps it in the air

By jack704
Written July 23, 2014
PLANES is a worthy successor to the CARS franchise, and the depth of research that went into this movie is obvious. I had just spent the day piloting for Civil Air Patrol, and every little detail paid homage to real-world aviation. (I didn't know planes had tongues, but there they were, firmly in cheek...) Anyone at all familiar with Reno or Oshkosh will find references galore, and those of us who do fly can easily recognize our fellow aviators among the characters. Having said that - this movie is just "plane" fun! Everyone in the theater was entranced, from 2-year-olds on up, from beginning to end. Bravo, Disney!
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By keastman
Written August 12, 2013
My 4 year old grandson enjoyed the movie, don't know if the story line was that important to him, but I enjoyed the story. Would recommend this movie to all who are tired of the more violent movies out their.
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