Planes in 3D

By rbartle1
Written December 22, 2014
Great movie.....they did it again. You can see and feel the emotion of the characters enjoyed it with my grandson who is 6....he loved it and the 3D was cool
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Another great Pixar film :)

By sony3127182
Written August 10, 2013
I'll keep it short and sweet. This movie is fun and cute. It's not "the greatest Pixar film ever", but it's definitely worth going to see in 3D. It was funny and fun, and the 3D format really allows it to shine. Expanding on the world of Cars is a great idea! I hope they make more!
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By runnthings
Written February 28, 2015
This is a MUST see for children! It's filled with jokes, fun, action, suspense, understanding, and life lessons! There's a bunch of references to Car's as well which makes kids really want to pay attention to every detail. My kids couldn't take their eyes off the screen! I even LOVED it! I teared up a little towards the end, it's a MUST SEE!
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By gardeningfool
Written July 28, 2014
Planes is adorable, I took my 63 year old pilot. We love the new Cars Land and ride and especially love Soarin California... so only natural to enjoy the humorous Planes. The animation and voices were great.
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Planes- don't waste your money!

Written September 01, 2014
I took my 2 1/2 year old grandson to see Planes 3D. This little boy is all about everything Disney. He watches Cars II at least once a week, has a McQueen bed all the accessories. He saw the planes trailer and we were both excited to go see it. We were halfway through the movie and he didn't even watch it many more, he played with his Dusty plane toy and looked at me disappointed and walked out. We came home very disappointed and he was hurt. How bad can a Disney Pixar movie be when a child walks out of it. I knew 15 minutes into it I was in for a miserable hour and a half, and relieved he wanted to leave. When we came home he put Dusty away and didn't get him out again. He had carried this plane with him for weeks saying he was amazing. It broke my heart. I too was hurt, I had not been to a theater in 15 years due to illness and as excited as this child, and this was what I got! DISNEY, HOW BAD DO YOU THINK THIS MOVIE IS WHEN A DISNEY LOVING CHILD WALKS OUT ON IT!!!That says it all!
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