Great for all ages

By kad4par
Written August 18, 2013
Great movie for all ages! Nice to be so entertained...laughed...loved...without any bad words or violence! This one is a keeper! Surely getting the DVD when it comes out. Good feeling after too!
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By hatrack317
Written October 21, 2016
We honestly were disappointed. Great movie but it followed the CARS storyline to a T! Really was expecting a little more from Disney. Not impressed, and we have every Disney movie there is. Please before you make a Planes 2, go back to the Incredibles and make a 2. There is no way you could go wrong!
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By tony4897h
Written February 24, 2017
Awesome movie!!! My grandson and I loved it. The cinematography was excellent. The storyline kept us interested and it also taught many lessons for a young person. Would love to see it again. Can't wait for the DVD version.
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ehhh, not nearly as funny as cars

By brookst45
Written August 13, 2013
There were some chuckles, but that is it. Paid quite a bit extra for the 3D version and I really do not think it added anything to the movie. Save your money. In fact I would say wait for it as a rental.
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Stay home!

By Joefaz49
Written August 10, 2013
This is just not a very good movie. Very young children may enjoy it because it is certainly juvenile. Adults may fall asleep like I did!
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