Stay home!

By Joefaz49
Written August 10, 2013
This is just not a very good movie. Very young children may enjoy it because it is certainly juvenile. Adults may fall asleep like I did!
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ehhh, not nearly as funny as cars

By brookst45
Written August 13, 2013
There were some chuckles, but that is it. Paid quite a bit extra for the 3D version and I really do not think it added anything to the movie. Save your money. In fact I would say wait for it as a rental.
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Ignore the reviewers. Go see this movie

By scribler
Written August 09, 2013
Planes is a heartwarming movie that looks great on the screen. And if you are an aviation enthusiast like my husband, no worries. He assures me that they got that part spot on. He was impressed. I know the reviewers are really panning this, but I am not sure why. I went with my husband and we both really enjoyed it. You have humor, romance and the good guy finished first. It's an excellent example of how you can be a good sport and still come out ahead. If you liked Cars, or if you like airplanes, then go see this movie. Don't let the professional reviewers get in your way.
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Loved it, will certainly buy it on Blu Ray

By xeokeri
Written August 18, 2013
I read all the negative reviews before watching this movie, and I have to say that anyone who hated this movie has no sense of humor. It was a great movie. Watched it in 3D and really enjoyed it.
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It'll keep toddler entertained, that's about it...

By michaelpompey
Written August 12, 2013
Tremendous disappointment. I went in thinking this was going to be a Pixar offshoot of the cars franchise. This is a Disney slapped together, pull money out of Mom and Dad's wallets. The story is below formulaic, it is basically a paper cut out. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything wrapped in googly eyed air craft, that's it. I can't believe John Lassiter of Pixar helmed this. The only thing this movie is good for is keeping very young kids entertained. I wish I would have walked out and asked for a refund.
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